Welcome to Keistad's blog

Who am I?

Hello. I’m a undergraduated student studied in PNU(Pusan Nat’l University). I study Physics, especially I work in HIPEx, High Energy Physics Experiment.

Who is Keistad?

Keistad is nickname of me, Choi. Keistad is pronounced with German. I want to study Physics in German. So, I studied German and I want to make German nickname. Keistad isn’t real German name, but please pronounce it with German.

What I studied and working?

  • Making Vacuum Chamber
    • 31 Dec 2020~Current
    • My lab want to search new paradigm, trillision, in colling experiment.
    • We need low vacuum(~1mbar) because of lifetime of alpha particle.
    • I test vacuum chamber to make low vacuum in this project.
  • Making SQM 2022 Homepage
    • 28 Apr 2021~Current
    • The SQM (Strangeness in Quark Matter) is a international conference. It will hold in busan if the Covid-19 is end.
    • My role is making SQM 2022 homepage, etc…
  • ITS3 Upgrade
    • 16 Apr 2021~Current
    • ALICE team in CERN want to upgrade ITS form 2 to 3 during LS2.
    • I find my role in ITS upgrade project.

Education and experience

  • graduated Duksang elementary school (Mar 2005 ~ Feb 2011)
  • graduated Silla middle school (Mar 2011 ~ Feb 2014)
  • graduated Sungdo high school (Mar 2014 ~ Feb 2017)
  • Physics, Pusan national university (Mar 2017 ~ Feb 2019 and Jan 2021 ~ Current)
  • Airman in POL, 11th wings (Mar 2019 ~ Jan 2021)
  • Intern, HIPEx (Jan 2021 ~ Current)

How languages can I do?

  • Korean : C2
  • English : A1
  • German : A1

How programming languages can I do?

  • C++(Root) : basic
  • Mathematica : basic

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